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Creating Connections at Work


The introduction of coffee breaks, social outings, and team-building exercises are designed to build connections between colleagues, but do they really help them build strong, authentic relationships? How can leaders facilitate these connections and make their team feel better connected to the mission of their organisation?


The solution? The art of conversation.


Conversation Salons are relaxed, informal, café-style gatherings that invite people to engage in uplifting and enriching conversations on a range of different topics.

These salons act as an incubator space for fresh thinking and new possibilities, for dialogue, deeper exchanges and the growth of positive ideas and initiatives.

Allow us take your team on a conversational adventure, exploring topics and questions that would never usually be discussed in a work context, all the while encouraging the development of excellent communication skills, open-mindedness and empathy. By deepening personal relations, individuals have a greater sense of feeling valued and understood – the benefits of this to any team are limitless. Real connection requires creating an environment that embraces the unique identities and experiences of employees inside and outside the workplace.



How does it work?


The Conversation Salon venues are laid out like a café with small tables seating usually four people at each. Our team hosts the event by welcoming and introducing people, explaining the concept and the format. The tables are served tea and coffee and given a conversation menu. At halftime, participants switch tables so that everyone gets the opportunity to meet new people and look at the topics from varying perspectives.

Thought-provoking conversation menus with provocative and challenging questions about self and society act as a catalyst for unique and inspiring experiences with colleagues.
We close the session by inviting people to share insights and thoughts about what they have discussed and the ideas and insights are harvested. Salons last for 2.5-3 hours.


Is a Conversation Salon right for my organisation?

Conversation Salons are ideal for groups of all sizes and varieties.

Bespoke Salons can be designed that are tailored to meet the particular needs and interests of various groups, for example:

  • Teambuilding Salons for organisations and companies
  • Salons for community groups focusing on social inclusion, civic engagement and building community
  • Youth Salons for secondary school students
  • Salons for cultural groups, arts festivals, libraries etc.
  • Salons for mental health organisations

Interested in booking a Conversation Salon for your organisation or group?